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Agaisen Mountain Major Fortress

Category : Maginot Line
Department : Alpes-Maritimes

Opening : Some visits of the fort are done in July and August. The dates of visits are regularly updated on the web site of the association.

Groupe Technique Agaisen
Edelweiss-Armée des Alpes
Christian Gardavot
20, avenue Auber
06000 Nice

Jacques Poncin
56, avenue Vauban
06000 Nice

TEL : (33) 4 93 88 27 56 (C. Gardavot) ou 04 93 89 10 58 (J. Poncin)


Bichel Sud Shelter

Category : Maginot Line
Department : Moselle

Cette abri était conçu pour accueillir une section entière du 167e Régiment d'Infanterie de Forteresse dans des conditions de confort optimales (électricité, chaufage, latrines chimiques etc...).


Brehain Major Fortress - C2 bunker

Category : Maginot Line
Department : Meurthe-et-Moselle

Visit on appointment of the isolated infantry bunker (also called block 9) which should originally be connected to the 8 other blocks of the major fortress of Brehain.
The stairs and the beginning of a connection gallery were dug, but the construction was never finished.

Opening : During the Days of the Patrimony or on meeting all year a Saturday and Sundays.

Nilles Michel
14, route de Bréhain
54190 Bréhain-la-Ville

TEL : (33) 6 08 35 14 79 (Michel Nilles)


Cap Martin Major Fortress

Category : Maginot Line
Department : Alpes-Maritimes

Ouverture : Le fort sera bientôt ouvert aux visites.

Office du Tourisme

TEL : (33) 4 93 35 62 87


Fort of Bambesh

Category : Maginot Line
Department : Moselle

Ouverture : Ouvert au public les deuxièmes et quatrièmes dimanches du mois de 14 h 00 à 17 h 30. Pour les groupes, toute l'année sur rendez-vous.
Visites en Français, Allemand et Italien.

2, rue Pierre Klein
57690 Bambiderstroff

TEL : (33) 3 87 90 31 95 (M Deguglielmo)
FAX : (33) 3 87 90 41 74

Access : Located near Bambiderstroff village


Fort of Barbonnet

Category : Maginot Line
Department : Alpes-Maritimes

This big Maginot work was built on an old Sere de Revieres fort.
Since 1980, this fort is being restored by the Edelweiss association and is now opened to visits.

Opening : Visits are organized on saturday and sundy during July and August.

Association Edelweiss
Bastide la Dame du Roc
06500 Castellar

TEL : (33) 4 93 04 15 80


Infantry Fortress of Bois du Four

Category : Maginot Line
Department : Meurthe-et-Moselle

This fort unlike the other infantry fortresses is composed of a single monolithic concrete structure. Built between 1931 and 1932 the armament included an eclipse turret equipped with a twinning machine guns Reibel, three "Lookout Rifle Machine Gun" (in French GFM) cupolas, five crenellations equipped with twinnings Reibel which three of them could replaced by an 47 mm antitank gun, six crenellations FM and two 81 mm mortars.
A stair of 30 m deep ends on a beginning of communication gallery which had to join the 5 other blocks which were never built because of a lack of budget.
This fort was bought in 1992 the town of Villers-la-Montagne and is restored by the Association of Conservation of Villers's patrimony.

Opening : First Sunday of May, June, July, August and September from 2 pm till 5 pm.
Visits on appointment only (phone or email).

Association de préservation du patrimoine de Villers-la-Montagne
122 bis, rue Emile Curicque
54920 Villers-la-Montagne

TEL : (33) 3 82 26 12 10

Access : The fort is situated near road RN 52 at 6 miles from Longwy and at 1 mile from Villers-la-Montagne.
Take exit Morfontaine-Tiercelet ZI. Take Morfontaine direction by road RD 125. Continue on half mile and take the right road at the end of which is the fort.


Infantry Fortress of Bois Karre

Category : Maginot Line
Department : Moselle

This small infantry fortress is constituted with only one concrete block. Very well preserved, this work kept a big part of its equipment. Its restoration is in progress.

Association A12 - Conservation de l'Ouvrage du Bois Karre et Histoire des Fortifications de la Ligne Maginot
M Jean-Louis Goby
2, place Marie-Louise

57100 Thionville

TEL : (33) 3 82 34 41 94


Infantry Fortress of Fressinea

Category : Maginot Line
Department : Alpes-Maritimes

Opening : From April to October from 2 to 5 PM.

Mairie de Saint Sauveur sur Tinée

TEL : (33) 4 93 02 00 22


Infantry Fortress of La Salmagne

Category : Maginot Line
Department : Nord

This infantry fortress was completely dismantled by the German army during the occupation. Neglected during 50 years the few remaining equipments were plundered during this period. This fort is now protected by the Amifort Maubeuge association which regularly opens it to visits.

182, rue Faidherbe
59460 Jeumont

TEL : (33) 3 27 67 18 97 (Marcel Caty)


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